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The Top 10 Richest KPop Idols You Probably Did Not Know About




We have seen the rise of all things Korean over the last couple of years. From food, fashion, skin care as well as in the field of entertainment. As much as we love our western music and the OG hollywood content, we also love seeing good quality content from other parts of the globe.  Korean Pop or ‘Kpop’ as many would fondly call it has become one of the largest in the show business scene. In fact, it is almost no surprise that the richest Kpop idols are considered to be just as prominent as their western counterparts. 

Kpop Idols are known for their flamboyant looks – distinct and occasionally electric colored hair, avant garde outfits and musicality that is nothing like you have ever seen before. You may have heard of other asian icons in the past like Vaness Wu or Clover Z but believe is us when we say that these korean superstars are worth the recognition too. 

With that, here are the Top 10 Richest Kpop Idols you probably have not even heard about. Enjoy! 

#10 Taeyung

To be fair, Taeyung is one of those Kpop Idols who has established a solid following even in countries such as the US. In fact, at one point, his track “Wedding Dress” was among the most played heartbreak anthems. As a member of the group BigBang and a couple of very successful solo albums, it almost comes as no surprise that he has earned at least 10 million dollars throughout his career. 

Rightfully so, Taeyung has several back-to-back hits both as part of BigBang and as a solo artist. 

#9 Suzy

Dubbed as Korea’s fist love, Suzy (also referred to as Bae Suzy!) first had her claim to fame when she became part of JYP Entertainment’s girl group, Miss A. However, she has already made a big transition and is now a household name – being one of Korea’s biggest and most sought after brand ambassadors. What she has earned in her music career has yet to be specified however, reports suggest that she has earned at least 10 billion won or roughly 8.8 million US dollars from endorsements alone. Woah! 

#8 Yoona

Next up on this list is another girl group member. Yoona is a member of Girls’ Generation, one of the biggest ever Kpop groups to rise to fame in the last decade. Aside from the astounding success of Girls’ Generation, she has also made a sizable amount of fortune from her acting career both in South Korea and China. Estimatedly, she has a net worth of about 11 million US dollars. 

#7 BoA

Imagine being one of the biggest pop stars in Japan and South Korea simultaneously. Pretty crazy, right? That is exactly the life BoA has been living for the last 17 years of her successful career. Through it all, she has remained at the top of her game. 

So much so that she was able to turn her musical success into several roles in TV drama. On top of that, judging on K-Pop Star and Produce 101 has allowed her to earn at least 14 million US dollars. 

#6  IU

You may have seen her already on the hit series Hotel Del Luna and a couple of other Korean news articles or hot lists. IU is arguably the most popular singer in her country and it has been that way since he first debuted when she was 15. She is dubbed as the “nation’s little sister” and has become, to say the least, one of the biggest stars. 

In totality, her musical success, popular dramas and prestigious brand deals has earned her an estimated amount of 15 million US dollars. 

#5 Dara

Known to many of her Filipino fans as “Sandara Park”, Dara has already made a name for herself as a successful singer and actress in the Philippines before moving back to Korea. In fact, when she did, her career improved all the more. She is one of the members of 2NE1, another girl group that has also become increasingly popular in the last 10 years. 

With a wide portfolio of both dramatic roles and brand endorsements, Dara’s net worth is at a whopping 16 million US dollars. 

#4 Rain

When you think of KDrama or Kpop, must OG fans would always have Rain as top of mind – and for good reason. Prior to moving his career entirely in Hollywood, Rain was already experiencing massive success and became the first Kpop star to successfully transition. He hs always been. Not much needs to be said about this man. Because he is such a hit not only in Korea but in Asia as a whole and the US – his continuously increasing popularity has gained him at least 20 million US dollars worth of fortune. 

#3 G Dragon

As a cultural icon in his own right, G Dragon is not only a member of the Big Bang, he is also a world fashion extraordinaire and a thriving entrepreneur as he heads his own business, PeaceMinusOne. As a solo artist, he also has several notable achievements under his belts. 

Clearly, his undeniable influence has translated into a massive fortune as he is believed to have at least 21 Million US Dollars under his name. 

#2 Si Won

As one of the most prominent member of the most recognizable KPop groups, Super Junior, 

Si Won has also become a household name throughout Asia and Korea. Currently, he is a high profile actor, singer and a model for some of the world’s biggest brands. His 15 year-long successful career has amassed him at least 35 million US dollars and by the looks of it, there seems to be no stopping anytime soon. 

#1 PSY

Surprise! But not really. Even before this YG Entertainment’s  Music Video of Oppa Gangnam style became viral globally, he was already successful. Hence, you can only imagine how that specific life event propelled his career to even greater heights. As a whole, he has at least 45 million US Dollars under his name. 

Aside from these individuals, the Forbes Korea Power Celebrity 2020 list was also released.and it consists of the highest paid korean actor 2020 and some of the richest women in Korea. Some of the names in the list include BTS, BlackPink, Bong Joon-Ho and Twice. The Forbes Korea Power Celebrity 2020 is a list published on an annual basis to commemorate the most powerful celebrities in the country. 

Now that you have gotten an idea as to who they are, it’s time to get your KPop fix! 

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Mariah Carey Covers Irene Cara’s Classic ‘Fame’ Ballad




Mariah Carey continues to dig within the crates to share unreleased tracks that got off from her.

The history-making popular music diva shared an excerpt from her upcoming memoir “The Meaning of Mariah Carey,” during which she details her love for the 1980 movie “Fame” and its star, Irene Cara.

On Friday, she officially released her version of 1 of the songs Cara performed within the classic film movie, “Out Here on my very own,” which was an Oscar-nominated top-20 hit.

“My mother entered me in a talent competition in the city, and I sang one of my favorite songs, ‘Out Here on My Own,’ by Irene Cara,” the five-time Grammy Award winner shared to her 9.5 million Instagram followers. “I felt ‘Out Here on My Own’ described my entire life, and I loved singing that way—singing to reveal a piece of my soul. And I won doing it.”

“At that age. I lived for the movie Fame, and Irene Cara was everything to me,” Carey continued. “I related to her multicultural look…her multi-textured hair and, most importantly, her ambition and accomplishments.”

“’Out Here on My Own’ was such a pure song that touched my heart, and I couldn’t believe I won a trophy for singing a song I loved,” she wrote in the caption. “It was the first time I’d received validation as an artist.”

The “Vision of Love” singer/songwriter furthered: “Coincidentally, it wasn’t until after I had written about ‘Out Here On My Own’ in the book, that I found it in the vault while making ‘The Rarities.’ Totally meant to be!!”

Carey’s version of the ballad, recorded July 17, 2000, was going to appear on the soundtrack album of her 2001 critically panned movie “Glitter,” which was apparently originally titled “All That Glitters.”

Penned by Lesley Gore and Michael Gore, “Out Here on My Own” was nominated for Best Original Song at the 1981 Academy Awards.

The never-before-released gem will appear on the 2-CD compilation “The Rarities,” due Oct. 2 via Columbia/Legacy.

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“Glee” Star Dianna Agron and Winston Marshall Break Up




Celebrity couples are always in the news, with their on-again-off-again romances and spur-of-the-moment weddings. Some couples, however, do a very good job of keeping their personal lives private. It’s always a shock when these couples’ relationship woes make headlines because we don’t know much about them, to begin with. Dianna Agron and Winston Marshall are one of these notoriously private pairs who recently called it quits.

Agron is an actress best known for her role as Quinn Fabray on Glee. Agron was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia, but later moved to Texas and then San Francisco. She has a younger brother, Jason. Agron was an excellent student in highschool and spent much of her time performing.

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Some kind of old Hollywood feeling…

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She began dance at just three years old, with a focus on jazz and ballet. She later became interested in hip-hop and musical theater. Her acting career began with commercials and supporting roles in Numb3rs, Veronica Mars, and Heroes.

In 2009, she was cast in Glee. The young actress received the news just two days before production began. After her breakout role on the hit TV series, Agron made her way to the big screen. She starred in the 2010 musical Burlesque, working with Christina Aguilera and Cher. She also played Sarah Hart in the 2011 action film, I Am Number Four.

Agron was sought out by director and screenwriter Luc Besson for a role in his 2013 film, The Family. After seeing her on Glee, Besson says he created the role of Belle specifically with Agron in mind. Belle was the daughter of a Mafioso who ratted out his cohorts, forcing his family into witness protection.

Marshall is the banjoist and lead guitarist of Mumford and Sons. Marshall was born in London and was interested in music at a very young age. He learned to play the electric guitar when he was 13 and later became incredibly skilled on the banjo.

In fact, Marshall’s incredible talent on the banjo brought the instrument into mainstream music and inspired numerous banjo players around the world.

Before making it big with Mumford and Sons, the musician ran jam nights at a local club, Bosun’s Locker. He actually met Mumford at this club. He also played in several other bands, most of which played bluegrass sleaze rap.

Later, Marshall became interested in techno and EDM and joined Austrian DJs, HVOB.

Marshall had a brief, one night fling with legendary musician Katy Perry. The were both in Germany, playing shows at different venues. They met at a nightclub one evening and later retired to Perry’s private room.

Dianna Agron attends Apple Store Soho Presents Tribeca Film Festival. Agron and Marshall reportedly began dating around July 2015, when they were seen getting cozy in Paris. They were seen again at an after-party for the film She’s Funny That Way.

During the holidays that year, they became engaged. Fans caught a glimpse of Agron’s gorgeous engagement ring in February 2016 at London Fashion Week.

The couple was married in Morocco in October 2016. The wedding was a lavish, three-day event. Photos feature Agron in a stunning floral gown and white headdress, and camels decked out in vivid red, pink, and orange knit blankets.

Recently they announced their split. They say they’ve been living separately for the past year, and that Agron has begun dating again. There is no word on what caused the split, and friends say that Marshall was a very thoughtful husband who treated Agron like a princess.

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Former Girls Generation member, Jessica Jung Writes a Book Called “Shine”




The story of a Korean-American teen who is picked by a significant agency to debut during a 9-piece K-pop girl group sure sounds familiar … but what we actually want to grasp is when Ace Entertainment will turn Jung’s story into a Netflix drama series.

Jessica Jung only turned 31 in April and her resume already includes singer, actress, YA book author, songwriter, fashion brand creative director and founder and, most recently, YouTuber. Meanwhile, her novel Shine is slated to hit the shelves in September 2020. What do we know about this long-awaited book, as well as Jung and her journey?

Born in San Francisco, California, she later moved to Korea in her early teens to train at SM Entertainment, one of Korea’s best agencies. Making her debut in the world famous girl group, Girls’ Generation, she found mainstream success in the industry at a young age.

In 2016, she met with disagreements within the group and company and was dismissed from the team. Later, she joined Coridel Entertainment, founded by her long-time boyfriend, business mogul Tyler Kwon, and released her debut solo album, “With Love, J”. Since then, she has actively been taking part in helping to co-write her albums, with credits for more than 10 songs.

She is seen most often with her sister, fellow K-pop star Krystal Jung. The two were much loved for their reality programme, J&K, which was even set to renew for season two, until Jessica fell out with her company – the very same one that houses Krystal.

For now, fans of their sisterly dynamics can be content with watching their vlogs on Jessica’s YouTube channel, Jessica Land. The two often travel together, making for fun videos. Recently, they attended a pottery class together.

Jessica Jung in Youtube

Jung’s YouTube channel is also blooming, with more than half a million subscribers. From song recommendations to daily vlogs, and even fashion lookbooks, Jung is adept at sharing her life with her fans. Recently she handmade rings for a giveaway.

Furthermore, Jessica’s book, Shine, is going to hit the shelves in September 2020. The book is about Korean-American teen, Rachel Kim, who is picked up by one of Korea’s most famous agencies. There, she debuts in a team of nine girls.

As she goes through various hurdles to let her star rise, she also falls in love with resident bad-boy and media darling, Jason Lee. Sound familiar? It’s practically an autobiography. The book has also already been picked up by

We can’t wait to see how far Jessica will go.

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