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Skin Care for Products for Acne : 6 Must Haves for the Perfect Skin Routine




All of us, men and women included, would want to have great skin. After all, we live in a generation where heading out sans the makeup is considered an achievement and worn proudly like a badge. On the other hand, in terms of skin problems – Acne has to be the one that tops the list. 

Skin care products for acne have been in the market for as long as we can remember. However, given that there are already so many products available out there, how do you choose the one that is best for you? In this article, we will be talking about that : understanding how acne comes about, the proper skin care for pimples, the perfect acne prone skin care routine and even the best products for acne scars. 

But before we get to the recommendations, let us talk deeper about the problem first to better understand how to solve it down to its very roots. 

What Is Acne? 

By definition, Acne is a skin condition which takes place when your hair follicles become clogged with oil as well as dead skin cells. Far too often, this causes back heads, white heads and even worse – the much dreaded pimples. Normally, these little monsters appear in areas such as on certain areas in the face like your nose, your chin, your cheeks or your forehead. In other cases, it also appears in other parts of the body such as the chest, the upper back, on the legs and even on the neck and shoulders. 

Depending on the severity of your conditions, these are some of the things you might encounter on your skin : 


  • White heads which are closed plugged pores
  • Black heads which are open plugged pores
  • Small and tender bumps, usually red in color 
  • Pimples, sometimes also filled with pus 
  • Large and solid bumps which are painful and beneath the surface of the skin 
  • Pus-filled and painful lumps which are beneath the surface of the skin. 

Skin Care for Products for Acne : 6 Must Haves for the Perfect Skin Routine


What Causes Acne? 

While Acne is definitely a normal occurrence especially for teenagers who are going through puberty, science has actually specified several factors that cause acne to pop up in your face. 

  • Too much oil is being produced by your follicles 
  • Dead skin cells are being accumulated inside your pores
  • There is a buildup of bacteria in your pores. 


There are also several kinds of food which are considered to be acne triggers. Below, we have listed down some of them : 

  • Refined grains and sugars which can be found in bread, crackers, cereals dessert that are made out of white flour. This also includes pastries as well as white rice and rice noodles. Sodas and sugar-filled beverages are not an exclusion, too. Lastly, it is best to keep the use of sweeteners like honey, maple syrup and agave to a moderate amount. 
  • Dairy products. Several studies suggest that there is a huge correlation between the consumption of milk products and acne breakouts – especially among teenagers. Aside from that, dairy products are also known to increase insulin levels. Given that refined grains and sugars cause acne – this may very well be the reason too why dairy products fall under the same list. 


  • Fast food. Who does not love a quick fast food fix especially after a gruesome and stressful week, right? However, we suggest that you go easy on the grease as acne is also strongly associated with living by a western-style diet which is usually filled with calories, fat and refined carbohydrates. 


  • Omega 6-Fat Rich Foods. You may have heard of its healthier counterpart, Omega-3. Researches show that foods which are rich Omega-6 like the usual western diet is linked highly to the increased levels of both acne and inflammation. 


  • Chocolate. Yes, just like you – we kinda frowned upon because this is definitely bad news especially for chocolate lovers. While chocolate, especially in it darkest variants have proven to be beneficial to overall health, increased consumption can possibly lead to being more susceptible to skin problems – particularly acne. 


  • Whey Protein Powder. Now, this one honestly comes off as a bit of a shocker. In a previous article about weight loss, we have talked about how whey protein powders are an effective way to reach your protein needs for the day. It is also filled with amino acids that your body needs in order to build muscle.  However, as it turns out, excessive amounts of consumption can push the body to produce more insulin which in turn, can lead to acne breakouts. 


Now that we have gotten into better understanding of what acne is, what causes it and the foods to steer clear from, let us talk about coming up with the best products for acne prone skin and how to integrate them into your very own skin care regimen. 


Acne Prone Skin Care Routine

Here is a step by step guide on how to provide proper skin care for pimples, black heads, white heads and everything else in between. 


Step 1 : Make sure to clean your face well but very gently. 


Use only a very soft washcloth or your fingers when doing so. Make sure to include all parts of your face – your jawline, your neck, the front and back parts of your ears and so on. 


Products to Try 

Neutrogena Oil-Free Salicylic-Acid Acne-Fighting Face Wash

Skin Care Products for Acne : neutrogena oil-free salicylic-acid acne-fighting face wash

The Neutrogena Oil-Free Salicyclic-Acid Acne-Fighting Face Wash is a drugstore favourite among many beauty cults. For a very affordable price of only $6, it still remains as one of the best products for oily skin and highly recommended by several renowned dermatologists. It salicylic acid content is able to break up the oil and dead skin that is normally deep seated in the pores. 


EltaMD Foaming Facial Cleanser 

Skin Care Products for Acne : EltaMD Foaming Facial Cleanser 

Are you the type who is struggling with reactive skin? This product is highly recommended by several dermatologists because of its ultra gentle formula. In general, it is highly suggested for people struggling with reactive skin to steer clear from products which contain sulfates, parabens and high amounts of oil. 


Step 2 : Use Toner or An Astringent 

We have been down this road before. Just a few weeks back, we were able to answer the question, “Is Toner Bad for Your Skin?” 

In case you missed out on that part – it is a clear resounding no, for as long as you use products which are the right fit for you. Using a cotton ball, ideally one that is also hypoallergenic, put on a few drops of your toner and astringent and wipe it all over your face. Toners are designed to make the other products you are about to put on more effective. Astringent, on the other hand, is meant to take out all excess oil. 


Products to Try 

Kiehl’s Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol-Free Toner

Skin Care Products for Acne : Kiehl’s Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol-Free Toner

Made only with whole flowers and pure calendula and other naturally-derived extracts – this gentle but hardworking product is not only able to cleanse normal to oily skin. It is also able to soothe and improve blemishes on your face. In fact, it is considered as one of the best products for acne scars. 


Thayers Witch Hazel Alcohol Free-Toner

Skin Care Products for Acne : Thayers Witch Hazel Alcohol Free-Toner

For people with ultra sensitive skin but also want their pores tight and skin refreshed, the Thayers Witch Hazel Alcohol Free-Toner might be the perfect product for you. As it also contains aloe vera, it is able to get the job done without entirely drying out your skin. 

Step 3 : Apply Acne Treatment On Top of Your Moisturizer 

We placed these two steps in one because some acne treatment products are also meant to serve as your moisturizer. Again, make sure to apply the products lightly using your ring finger. 

Products To Try 

Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer

Skin Care Products for Acne : Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer

Aside from its moisturizing powers, the Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer also contains salicylic acid which allows chemical exfoliation to take place in your skin, thereby clearing excess oil from your pores. 


Fresh Umbrian Clay Oil-Free Lotion

Skin Care Products for Acne : Fresh Umbrian Clay Oil-Free Lotion

If you’re going for a more mattified kind of look, the Fresh Umbrian Clay Oil-Free Lotion contains mineral-rich clay to help you out with controlling the shine. It also contains antioxidants for added protection and algae, cucumber and lavender to soothe. 


Celebrities & Entertainment

Heidi Klum Skincare Tips




When you think of Heidi Klum, 47, her supermodel great looks and blonde hair probably spring immediately to our minds, so it might shock you that the German model and TV personality has a rather down-to-earth beauty skin care routine. From washing her face with unconventional, yet affordable, products to how she looks after her signature tresses, we need to know all the secrets for her elegant and fresh skin care.

Heidi Klum’s finally loves to share her new added product in her skin care routine

“I have added sunscreen to my daily routine. I grew up without a lot of awareness of how important it is to keep your skin protected from the sun. I remember tanning with baby oil – can you imagine doing that now? I have always been a sun bum. I’m at my happiest on a beautiful beach in the hot sun but, now, I put on sunscreen first. I like the tinted sunscreen by La Roche Posay.”

Her daily skincare routine

“In the morning, I take a shower and wash my face with Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. I use baby shampoo as a face wash as it is the most gentle for your face and it removes everything. Then, I put on a moisturiser, usually Mario Badescu’s Buttermilk Lotion. At the end of my day, even if I am exhausted, I always wash off my make-up. For removing eye make-up, I again use baby shampoo. Then, I try different moisturisers at night that are a bit richer – I like Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum or Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Oil.”

Taking supplements to help your skin and body

I definitely think that you can buy all the potions and creams but it is essential to nourish your skin from within. I drink a fresh smoothie every morning that is made from fresh fruit and vegetables, and I take two Perfectil Vitamins which are targeted for my skin, hair and nails.”

Heidi Klum does not wear make up too much

“When I am not working, I try to keep it very natural. Most days I don’t wear any make-up but, if I am running errands, I use a bit of a light base to even out my skin tone and a bit of blush for my cheeks to give it a bit of a glow. I like Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Brow Pencil and Gel too.

“If I am going out with my husband [the German guitarist Tom Kaulitz] to dinner, I may be a bit more bold by painting on a red lip or adding some more mascara, like L’Oreal’s Voluminous Mascara for a more dramatic eye. I think make-up should be fun so I like to try different eyeshadows and colours.”

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Celebrities & Entertainment

Bella Hadid Skincare Tips




Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most beautiful of them all? Bella Hadid? Well, of course, she is. Her beauty is astounding, especially since her skin seems to glow even without the slightest trace of makeup. A model is required to stay her skin in top condition, but who says flawless skin is reserved only for top models like Hadid. Clear skin being one among her USPs, Bella is usually asked about her beauty routine and the way she manages to place her best bare face forward.

She spills the beans on her beauty routine in various interviews, and we’ve researched the lot to bring you her skincare and makeup tips.

When it involves skincare, Bella keeps it simple. She claims her skin is super sensitive and tends to induce dry; therefore, she sticks to the products that she knows works on her skin and doesn’t change them. Moisturizing formulas are her preferred function of skincare products.

Bella’s daily skincare routine is the same as always. Cleansing with a gentle face wash lotion, a moisturizing face mask, and lastly an oil-infused serum. Her routine doesn’t feature a toning step which we figure is due to her sensitive-dry skin type that could get disturbed and inflamed with the use of toner. Jelly masks that plump up her skin are her favorite.

Additionally, Hadid previously told Elle that she was not a fan of facials, but that must have been in her pre-Sturm days. “I’m not really into facials. I usually go for a massage because my bones are always hurting. And I like getting body scrubs, just to kind of get Fashion Week scrubbed off,” she said.

Moreover, the supermodel also has a killer travel routine for keeping her skin fresh too. “I travel a lot and I often work directly after landing. I use my mom’s advice, keeping my skin as good as it can be. So on a plane I wash my face as soon as I get on, I have all my serums and my night cream. And then I fall asleep and do it again when I wake up,” she told British Vogue. “So by the time I get off the plane my face is well rested and moisturized. And I always have a concealer with me, especially when I’m super-tired to get those dark eye bags away.”


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Celebrities & Entertainment

Dakota Johnson Skincare Tips




Dakota Johnson, known for being the actress in the Fifty Shades and face of Gucci Bloom, knows how to keep it real, especially when it comes to beauty. This gap-toothed, fringe-forward celebrity shares her low-key skin care tips or routine, love for eye drops, and signature scent tactic in a Question and Answer!

She told Glamour that washing her face in the morning and at night, and putting moisturizer is part of her daily routine. She, too, uses sunscreen every day during the day.

The actress then revealed that she is now into using Lancer products. She also unveiled that she is avoiding using makeup if she is not filming any movies. When she has to go out with some friends on her free days, she just uses a little concealer, lip stains, and mascara.

She even uses the beauty tip her grandmother, Tippi Hedren, gave her. Her grandma advised her to hold her mirror down low whenever she is putting her mascara on. By looking downward, she will get the most coverage from her lashes’ base to the tips.

My no-frills skin care routine:

“I’m a sucker for pretty packaging, so I buy a bunch of products but end up not using any of them. I just like the way they look. I truly have the simplest routine: I wash my face in the morning and at night, then moisturise; during the day I add sunscreen. Right now I’m into Lancer products.”

My minimal-makeup M.O.:

“I don’t really wear makeup if I don’t have to. When I am going out somewhere, I’ll use a little concealer, lip color, and mascara.”

My bright-eye beauty hack:

“Hello, I’m Dakota, and I’m addicted to eye drops; the last time I used was 20 minutes ago. Really, I’m addicted to eye drops…. I just love the feeling of them in my eyes. It’s glorious.”

My grandmother’s mascara trick:

“She [actress Tippi Hedren] was watching me put my mascara on once and told me that if you hold the mirror down low and put the mascara on while looking downward, you will get the most coverage from the base of the lashes to the tips. And, of course, she’s right! She’s a f****** movie star; she’s a legend!”

My intentional perfume trail:

“I’ve always worn fragrance because I love to leave a scent behind. I love that perfume can take you back to someplace immediately. I prefer floral scents to ones that are musky. Right now I’m wearing Gucci Bloom; it’s very floral, so I love it. My mother [Melanie Griffith] has worn the same perfume my entire life, and that’s very comforting to me.”

My body-confidence moment:

“For my role as Susie, a ballet dancer, in Suspiria [out later this year], I trained for about six months with the brilliant Belgian-French choreographer Damien Jalet. I actually danced until I was 16 with a company in L.A., so it was great to work that muscle again. I rehearsed six or eight hours a day leading up to the shoot, then continued with two hours of rehearsals while shooting. It was truly the most wild experience. I learned that if I work my ass off, I’m capable of doing all sorts of things with my body.”

My beauty regrets:

“There are a few tattoos I wish weren’t on my body, but it happens, I guess, and admittedly, I continue to get them. I also was feeling a bit sassy this morning and cut my bangs in a whirlwind after six months of growing them out, so I hope I don’t regret that!”

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