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The Best Sunscreens of 2020 : A List of Game Changers




It is like the air. You cannot see it but you can feel it. At least, the largest organ in your body, your skin does. Nope, we are not talking about love.  We are talking about the UV rays brought about by the sun. And if you at least love your skin enough, the best way to go about it is to use some of the best sunscreens of 2020.

Despite it being one of the  most talked about skin care needs aside from cleansing, moisturizing and toning – protecting your skin from the sun is an absolute must. With the ozone layer continuously depleting thanks to climate change (which has significantly slowed down, thanks but not thanks to NCOVID-19  and everybody staying at home, by the way!), we have become even more at risk for sun damage caused by these UV rays. On top of that, using the best sunscreens for face and body lowers the risk of skin cancer. It also prevents the premature aging of the skin. And if it convinces you any further, it also helps you maintain and achieve an even skin tone.

Finally convinced enough? Here is a comprehensive list of the best sunscreens for face and body based on the product’s functionality – according to dermatologists themselves. 

Tizo 2 Non-Tinted Facial Mineral Sunscreen – SPF 40


Best Sunscreens of 2020  - Tizo 2 Non-Tinted Facial Mineral Sunscreen - SPF 40

To start off, let us talk about the best sunscreen for oily skin, shall we? Particularly if you are suffering from a mild to extreme case of acne, this is great for you. Dermatologists suggest that for people with this specific skin problem, it is very important to opt out of any generic pharmacy brands as they do not usually have the best formulations. Also, it is highly suggested to choose a product that comes in a liquid form over a thick cream to avoid pores from clogging. The Tizo 20 Non-Tinted Facial Mineral Sunscreen – SPF 40 is really gentle on acne. According to its reviews, it has a silky smooth feel that will work well with oily skin. Some beauty reviews also suggest that it can help with preventing Body Acne. 

EltaMD UV Bold-Spectrum SPF 46 

Best Sunscreens of 2020 : EltaMD UV Bold-Spectrum SPF 46 

Another one on this list that is considered the best sunscreen for oily skin is the EltaMD UV Bold-Spectrum – SPF 46. It is fragrance-free. It is paraben-free. It is very lightweight and hence, it does not cause blockage to the pores. To top all of that off, it is formulated with hyaluronic acid which adds an extra dose of hydration. According to dermatologist, Dr. Markus, 90% of the patients whom he has recommended this product to, says it is the best sunscreen they have ever used. 

Supergoop! 100% Mineral Sunscreen Mist with Marigold Extract Broad Spectrum SPF 30

Best Sunscreens of 2020 : Supergoop! 100% Mineral Sunscreen Mist with Marigold Extract Broad Spectrum SPF 30

Not a big fan of thick creams you need to apply and leave some gunk on your fingers? Here’s one of the best sunscreen sprays out there. The Supergoop! 100% Sunscreen Mist with Marigold Extract Broad Spectrum SPF 30 is a mist that is able to offer a lot. It is 100% mineral-based and is able to give protection in the form of zinc oxide. It is also packaged in a non-aerosol can. Infused with Marigold extract and chamomile extracts – both of which give it anti-inflammatory properties. 

Banana Boat Kids Alcohol-Free Tear-Free Sting-Free Clear Spray Sunscreen Broad Spectrum 350

Best Sunscreens of 2020 : Banana Boat Kids Alcohol-Free Tear-Free Sting-Free Clear Spray Sunscreen Broad Spectrum 350

Kids are not exempt from the threat of UV rays! They need as much protection as they can get, too. This one is dubbed by the internet as the best sunscreen for kids because of its unique formulation that is as gentle as it gets. True to what its name suggests, this Banana Boat Kids variant will protect your kid’s skin without causing irritation or burning sensations. 

ColoreScience Sunforgettable Total Protection Brush On Shield – SPF 50

Best Sunscreens of 2020 : ColoreScience Sunforgettable Total Protection Brush On Shield - SPF 50

Looking for something that you can easily incorporate into your everyday makeup routine?  This one is considered as one of the best sunscreens for face because of its unique built. The ColoreScience Sunforgettable Total Protection Brush On Shield comes in a powder type formula. What is so cool about it is that it can somehow replace your foundation or your primer. It can be used underneath your makeup or after applying everything. It is completely up to you. 

Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer with Sunscreen, SPF 50+ 

Best Sunscreens of 2020 : Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer with Sunscreen, SPF 50+ 

Cetaphil has made a name for itself as a trusted household name when it comes to almost everything skin care. You can use it as it is or simply as an additional moisturizer since most SPF sunscreens can be a little drying. It is able to hydrate the skin while providing it optimum protection. Unlike most products, the Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer contains sun-blocking chemicals which are absorbed into the skin instead of just staying on the surface. It makes moisturizing ingredients more effective as it penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin.

Soap & Glory Urban Legend Double Protection Antioxidant Day Cream SPF 30 

Best Sunscreens of 2020 : Soap & Glory Urban Legend Double Protection Antioxidant Day Cream SPF 30 

Are you the kind of person who has a knack for hardworking products? The Soap & Glory Urban Legend Double Protection Antioxidant Day Cream with SPF 30 might be the top choice for you. It is quite the multi-tasker as it contains not just skin protection but also antioxidants – Vitamin E, Vitamin C, as well as Green Tea to name a few. These ingredients make your skin look so much better. It will improve the skin texture. It moisturizes and brightens. Apart from these benefits, it is also mild and non-greasy with a fragrance that is not too strong. 

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF 70 

Best Sunscreens 2020 : Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF 70 


A lot of dermatologists would probably advise their patients to choose a product with the highest SPF. This is where the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen comes in with its whooping SPF 70. While there really is not something wrong with choosing a product with a tad bit lower SPF, the truth is we do not apply sunscreen as much as we need to. By using a sunscreen with a higher SPF, it becomes something to worry about much less. This product is non-greasy and fast absorbing. It is also a cult favourite and many beauty gurus call it one of the best sunscreens for the face. 

Now, off we go into the tanning department. 

We totally get that no one would say no to a nice tan. As much as it looks good on the mirror and in your photos, not taking the necessary precautions when tanning can lead to burns or even worse skin conditions. Here is a list of some suggestions of the best sunscreen for tanning. 

Lancaster Sun Beauty Melting Tanning Milk SPF 15 

Best Sunscreen of 2020 : Lancaster Sun Beauty Melting Tanning Milk SPF 15 

If a deep golden tan is what you are going for, the Lancaster Sun Beauty Melting Tanning Milk with SPF 15 might just be the perfect product for you. It is formulated with the use of a tan activating complex which works extra hard to give you that beautiful glow while protecting your skin. It has SPF 15 so just do not forget to keep reapplying when need be. It is also dermatologically-tested and water-resistant. No need to worry about irritation or rashes. Just put it on and you will have that golden glow sooner than you know it. 

Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Dry Oil Clear Spray Sunscreen SPF 15

Best Sunscreens of 2020 : Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Dry Oil Clear Spray Sunscreen SPF 15

More than we care to admit, Hawaiian Tropic is honestly the first brand that comes to mind when it comes to tanning – and for good reason. This particular product stands out from the rest of their line as it has an oil texture that attracts the sun’s rays to give you that gorgeous tan. Even more so, most tanning products only have less than SPF 20. The Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Dry Oil Spray Sunscreen has a copious amount of sun protection with SPF 30. Take note that the brand highly recommends reapplying every hour or so to keep your skin safe. The great news is that the more you put on, the more vibrant your tan would be. It’s a win-win. 

Always remember – love the skin you are in. Just don’t forget your sunscreen!

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Celebrities & Entertainment

Heidi Klum Skincare Tips




When you think of Heidi Klum, 47, her supermodel great looks and blonde hair probably spring immediately to our minds, so it might shock you that the German model and TV personality has a rather down-to-earth beauty skin care routine. From washing her face with unconventional, yet affordable, products to how she looks after her signature tresses, we need to know all the secrets for her elegant and fresh skin care.

Heidi Klum’s finally loves to share her new added product in her skin care routine

“I have added sunscreen to my daily routine. I grew up without a lot of awareness of how important it is to keep your skin protected from the sun. I remember tanning with baby oil – can you imagine doing that now? I have always been a sun bum. I’m at my happiest on a beautiful beach in the hot sun but, now, I put on sunscreen first. I like the tinted sunscreen by La Roche Posay.”

Her daily skincare routine

“In the morning, I take a shower and wash my face with Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. I use baby shampoo as a face wash as it is the most gentle for your face and it removes everything. Then, I put on a moisturiser, usually Mario Badescu’s Buttermilk Lotion. At the end of my day, even if I am exhausted, I always wash off my make-up. For removing eye make-up, I again use baby shampoo. Then, I try different moisturisers at night that are a bit richer – I like Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum or Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Oil.”

Taking supplements to help your skin and body

I definitely think that you can buy all the potions and creams but it is essential to nourish your skin from within. I drink a fresh smoothie every morning that is made from fresh fruit and vegetables, and I take two Perfectil Vitamins which are targeted for my skin, hair and nails.”

Heidi Klum does not wear make up too much

“When I am not working, I try to keep it very natural. Most days I don’t wear any make-up but, if I am running errands, I use a bit of a light base to even out my skin tone and a bit of blush for my cheeks to give it a bit of a glow. I like Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Brow Pencil and Gel too.

“If I am going out with my husband [the German guitarist Tom Kaulitz] to dinner, I may be a bit more bold by painting on a red lip or adding some more mascara, like L’Oreal’s Voluminous Mascara for a more dramatic eye. I think make-up should be fun so I like to try different eyeshadows and colours.”

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Celebrities & Entertainment

Bella Hadid Skincare Tips




Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most beautiful of them all? Bella Hadid? Well, of course, she is. Her beauty is astounding, especially since her skin seems to glow even without the slightest trace of makeup. A model is required to stay her skin in top condition, but who says flawless skin is reserved only for top models like Hadid. Clear skin being one among her USPs, Bella is usually asked about her beauty routine and the way she manages to place her best bare face forward.

She spills the beans on her beauty routine in various interviews, and we’ve researched the lot to bring you her skincare and makeup tips.

When it involves skincare, Bella keeps it simple. She claims her skin is super sensitive and tends to induce dry; therefore, she sticks to the products that she knows works on her skin and doesn’t change them. Moisturizing formulas are her preferred function of skincare products.

Bella’s daily skincare routine is the same as always. Cleansing with a gentle face wash lotion, a moisturizing face mask, and lastly an oil-infused serum. Her routine doesn’t feature a toning step which we figure is due to her sensitive-dry skin type that could get disturbed and inflamed with the use of toner. Jelly masks that plump up her skin are her favorite.

Additionally, Hadid previously told Elle that she was not a fan of facials, but that must have been in her pre-Sturm days. “I’m not really into facials. I usually go for a massage because my bones are always hurting. And I like getting body scrubs, just to kind of get Fashion Week scrubbed off,” she said.

Moreover, the supermodel also has a killer travel routine for keeping her skin fresh too. “I travel a lot and I often work directly after landing. I use my mom’s advice, keeping my skin as good as it can be. So on a plane I wash my face as soon as I get on, I have all my serums and my night cream. And then I fall asleep and do it again when I wake up,” she told British Vogue. “So by the time I get off the plane my face is well rested and moisturized. And I always have a concealer with me, especially when I’m super-tired to get those dark eye bags away.”


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Celebrities & Entertainment

Dakota Johnson Skincare Tips




Dakota Johnson, known for being the actress in the Fifty Shades and face of Gucci Bloom, knows how to keep it real, especially when it comes to beauty. This gap-toothed, fringe-forward celebrity shares her low-key skin care tips or routine, love for eye drops, and signature scent tactic in a Question and Answer!

She told Glamour that washing her face in the morning and at night, and putting moisturizer is part of her daily routine. She, too, uses sunscreen every day during the day.

The actress then revealed that she is now into using Lancer products. She also unveiled that she is avoiding using makeup if she is not filming any movies. When she has to go out with some friends on her free days, she just uses a little concealer, lip stains, and mascara.

She even uses the beauty tip her grandmother, Tippi Hedren, gave her. Her grandma advised her to hold her mirror down low whenever she is putting her mascara on. By looking downward, she will get the most coverage from her lashes’ base to the tips.

My no-frills skin care routine:

“I’m a sucker for pretty packaging, so I buy a bunch of products but end up not using any of them. I just like the way they look. I truly have the simplest routine: I wash my face in the morning and at night, then moisturise; during the day I add sunscreen. Right now I’m into Lancer products.”

My minimal-makeup M.O.:

“I don’t really wear makeup if I don’t have to. When I am going out somewhere, I’ll use a little concealer, lip color, and mascara.”

My bright-eye beauty hack:

“Hello, I’m Dakota, and I’m addicted to eye drops; the last time I used was 20 minutes ago. Really, I’m addicted to eye drops…. I just love the feeling of them in my eyes. It’s glorious.”

My grandmother’s mascara trick:

“She [actress Tippi Hedren] was watching me put my mascara on once and told me that if you hold the mirror down low and put the mascara on while looking downward, you will get the most coverage from the base of the lashes to the tips. And, of course, she’s right! She’s a f****** movie star; she’s a legend!”

My intentional perfume trail:

“I’ve always worn fragrance because I love to leave a scent behind. I love that perfume can take you back to someplace immediately. I prefer floral scents to ones that are musky. Right now I’m wearing Gucci Bloom; it’s very floral, so I love it. My mother [Melanie Griffith] has worn the same perfume my entire life, and that’s very comforting to me.”

My body-confidence moment:

“For my role as Susie, a ballet dancer, in Suspiria [out later this year], I trained for about six months with the brilliant Belgian-French choreographer Damien Jalet. I actually danced until I was 16 with a company in L.A., so it was great to work that muscle again. I rehearsed six or eight hours a day leading up to the shoot, then continued with two hours of rehearsals while shooting. It was truly the most wild experience. I learned that if I work my ass off, I’m capable of doing all sorts of things with my body.”

My beauty regrets:

“There are a few tattoos I wish weren’t on my body, but it happens, I guess, and admittedly, I continue to get them. I also was feeling a bit sassy this morning and cut my bangs in a whirlwind after six months of growing them out, so I hope I don’t regret that!”

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