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Best Huda Beauty eyeliner




As mesmerized as I am by the rise of so-called Instagram Makeup—typically involving full-coverage foundation, a Technicolor eye, and matte lipstick—I usually don’t incorporate the look into my own routine. I’m much more minimalist in style, somewhat hopeless with an eyeshadow brush, and always, always short on time. That being said, there’s one Instagram trend I can get behind: bold, beautiful winged eyeliner.

When we caught word that the Queen of Instagram Makeup herself, Huda Kattan, was releasing a new eyeliner we  knew it had to be good. Kattan is rarely seen anywhere without her signature swipe of black liner. “Liner was actually the first piece of makeup I ever wore,” she says. “I was probably 12 when I started wearing eyeliner. It was the one thing that I would never leave the house without.”

To make sure every liner lover found their new holy grail liner, they created a dual-ended liner: At one end a liquid liner and at the other, a soft pencil. This means you can do absolutely everything with it, from a perfect wing or graphic liner look to tightlining your eyes and smudging out your look.

They wanted to make an eyeliner that was for people who were as obsessed with eyeliner as them – so the owner said “I feel like eyeliner can completely transform and lift the eyes, and it always makes me feel sexy! Although there are so many eyeliners I love, I realized that I had never truly found an eyeliner that was intensely black or matte enough, or one that looked as bomb from application til removal. So, my team spent two years searching for the perfect formula that would be the longest-lasting, blackest and mattest liner ever. With our unique formula, we then refined the liner and application for a further year to make it the ultimate liner.”

Huda Beauty’s Life Liner features a pencil on one side and a liquid on the other. It may be surprising for a makeup maximalist, but Kattan wanted to streamline the liner process—and make it easier for travel. The pencil has a twist-up system that allows it to self-sharpen (always a plus), and the brush on the liquid is incredibly fine-tipped (Kattan herself cut the perfect point). The real kicker, however, is the 48-hour-wear claim for the liquid end (the pencil has a standard eight-hour wear time).

According to the brand, the staying power comes from a blend of silicones and silicone resins; the combination creates an elastic texture that bends with your eye and doesn’t crack or smudge. The waterproof formula also features a lightweight film that protects the color once applied. Kattan says that she even uses it to lightly fill in her eyebrows for a day at the beach or pool—in the campaign video, she emerges dramatically from a tub of water, eyeliner wings perfectly intact.

This is perhaps the inkiest black eyeliner you will ever try. It goes on easily, and don’t have to go back over any areas to fill in gaps or darken the line. While you will be super impressed with the color and the matte finish, it’s very runny, making it hard to get the perfect wing. The liner stays put once it goes on, making it a bit tricky to clean and perfect my wing.

Kattan also recommends using her soon-to-be-launched Makeup Removing Balm (or a primer) on a cotton swab to fix any slipups. She also advises building your look slowly by beginning with the pencil as an outline, then wiping any excess liquid off the brush before starting your wing.

How to Use Life Liner Liquid Liner

Step 1: Open the liquid side of the liner and wipe off any excess formula from the brush on a tissue or your hand.

Step 2: Starting from the outer corner of your eye, begin to create your wing by drawing up and out towards the end of your brow to lift your eyes. Then work inwards towards the center of your lid.

Step 3: Complete the line by starting from the inner corner of your eye and drawing the liner in toward the center of the lid.

Allow the liner to dry for around 60 seconds, depending on how thick your line is. The thicker your liner is, the longer it will take to dry.

Tips for Using the Life Liner Pencil Liner

Add drama: For extra drama, apply it along your lower lash line on the outer corner and smudge it out to soften the look.

Get creative: You can also use the liner as a base for an intense smokey eye or for creating graphic liner looks.

How to Remove Life Liner

As well as using our Huda Beauty Makeup Remover Balm, you can also use other powerful makeup removers to remove Life Liner:

Option 1: Gently massage an oil-based cleanser or waterproof, oil-based makeup remover onto eyelids to dissolve Life Liner. Then rinse with warm water and wipe away any excess formula with a cotton pad soaked in makeup remover.

Option 2: You can also remove Life Liner with a waterproof or strong performing oil-based eye makeup remover. Soaking a cotton pad in makeup remover, apply on the eyes massaging gently to break up the formula.

Option 3: Massage coconut oil onto your lids for a minute, then once the Life Liner has dissolved, rinse with water and cleanse as usual.

You can shop this item through Life Liner at Sephora, Sephora in JC Penny, Cult Beauty, Harrods, Selfridges, Feel Unique, Net-A-Porter, Brown Thomas, Arnotts, Nykaa, The Beauty Editor, Boutiqatt, and Naime’s Beauty Center.

Take note: This eyeliner technically does hold up for a full 48 hours, but it looks 100% perfect for only the first 24 hours. That’s still quite a feat, considering most formulas disintegrate around the 10-hour mark. Plus, you’re not so sure there’s any reason you actually need an eyeliner that stays on for two nights, unless you’re that committed to a quick getting-ready routine or stranded at someone’s house sans makeup bag. I don’t plan on wearing it to bed again, but after passing this test with flying colors, it’s definitely accompanying me everywhere else.

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Best Huda Beauty Brushes




Whether you’re a diehard makeup fanatic or simply like to dabble in the world of cosmetics, knowing about all the different types of makeup brushes and their uses is basically Makeup 101. We know, we know, it can feel hella overwhelming, but don’t sweat it! Because we are going to share the best brushes you need to try. They are not just some brushes though.We will have a list of the essential makeup brushes that everyone should have in their collection which are form Huda Beauty!

Sculpt & Shade Brush

A dual-ended brush with synthetic fibers designed for perfect contour and bronzer application.

The smaller, angled brush contains densely packed bristles for precise product application. The larger, fluffy end buffs and blends any harsh lines on the face.

Conceal & Blend Brush

A dual ended precision complexion brush with synthetic fibers designed for foolproof makeup application.

N.Y.M.P.H. Highlighting Powder Brush

The perfect companion to the N.Y.M.P.H. All Over Highlighting Powder, this super luxurious, large fluffy brush is perfect for buffing and blending powders on both the face and body for flawless results! Huda designed this brush with a rounded-dome shape, using fibers with a luxe, soft pink gradient for the ultimate glam experience.

Buff & Blend Brush

“Using foundation shouldn’t be intimidating so I wanted to create a tool that would make the application process super easy and give the most gorgeous finish. I love stippling my foundation to get maximum coverage and this brush is perfect for doing that, but it’s also amazing for blending, contouring, and buffing to get a flawless look.” – Huda Kattan

Moisturizing Wand Tool

This Moisturizing Wand is a 100% vegan brush crafted from 3 different fiber lengths that allows you to effortlessly apply product in a thin, even layer across your face and neck. This clever moisturizing tool makes application more efficient than ever before while reducing the risk of premature aging from skin tugging, often caused by rough and poor application technique. The long bristles hold product on the surface of the brush while shorter bristles support even application over the skin, making it easier to apply to those hard-to-reach places.

Furthermore, this tool was developed to be paired perfectly with our Honey Balm Jelly Moisturizer but works effortlessly with any other moisturizer formula.

Bake & Blend Brush

This dual-ended Huda itemis ideal for baking, applying blush, bronzer, and powder foundations.   Densely packed synthetic bristles ensure maximum product pick-up to gently press powders into skin, where the fluffy end can be used to dust on your favorite formula for a soft, airbrushed finish.

Blur & Glow Body Brush

It is a velvety-soft, all-over body brush with synthetic fibers for even application of liquid highlighter.

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The Best Huda Beauty Lip Balm : Huda Beauty Diamond Hydrating Lip Balm




Despite the fact that things appear to be dull and grim recently, Huda Beauty just propelled a holographic beam of daylight. The new Huda Beauty Diamond Hydrating Lip Balm! This salve is a somewhat colored ointment with a polished completion. Obviously it additionally has this ravishing holographic bundling. Additionally, the outside of the analgesic is shimmering! Heave! Huda is continually coming through with her inventive dreams (like the cream bronzer I checked on the previous spring), so this new emollient is too energizing.

Photograph Credit: Instagram @HudaBeauty

Huda Beauty Diamond Hydrating Lip Balm is $25 and is accessible in 6 distinct shades – Seductress (transparent pink), Negligee (sheer naked), Dirty Thoughts (transparent lilac), Censored (profound purple), Femme Fatale (rosy purple), and Pink Panty (comfortable pink). In any case, just Seductress, Negligee, and Dirty Thoughts are accessible on the Sephora site. The 3 extra shades are special features.

Huda Beauty Diamond Balm Review – Dirty Thoughts

In spite of the fact that I think each of the three shades are beautiful, I decided on the lilac shade – Dirty Thoughts. Not exclusively are lilac shades complimenting for cooler conditioned skin, yet anything with a blue connotation will help make your teeth look more white also. I additionally like that the three online restrictive shades appear to be somewhat more obscure as well. (Patterns from the Huda Beauty Instagram page are beneath.) truth be told, the haziest two – Femme Fatale and Censored seem as though they even have a smidgen of a color to them. Truly, the initial three all look really comparable. So I’m speculating the distinctions are in the connotations face to face.

Huda Beauty Diamond Hydrating Lip Balm Seductress, Huda Beauty Diamond Hydrating Lip Balm Negligee, Huda Beauty Diamond Hydrating Lip Balm Dirty Thoughts, Huda Beauty Diamond Hydrating Lip Balm Censored, Huda Beauty Diamond Hydrating Lip Balm Femme Fatale, Huda Beauty Diamond Hydrating Lip Balm Pink Panty, Huda Beauty Diamond Hydrating Lip Balm Swatches

Photograph Credit: Instagram @HudaBeauty

Nonetheless, when I both swatched and applied the shade Dirty Thoughts, there was almost no color, color, or hint by any means. Indeed, it simply left a swipe of luminous sparkle behind. Despite the fact that the sparkle is beautiful, it wasn’t in any way similar to I foreseen. I hoped for something else of a genuine lip ointment. Possibly with a trace of sparkle. Not an all out sparkle stick. Additionally, the equation itself is overly very delicate. After only several applications, the head of the lipstick was totally caution down. It’s so delicate it even left some delicate disintegrates of analgesic on my wrist and lips. I love a delicate lip demulcent, yet nobody needs to squander item!

Huda Beauty Diamond Balm Review – Dirty Thoughts Swatch

I love the idea and the staggering bundling. Yet, I was truly interested by the external covering of the lip salve. The sparkle covering certainly attracted me to this item. It helps me to remember the outside of the Barbie x Pur lipsticks. (Full survey here). In spite of the fact that the outside of the lipstick was canvassed in sparkle, the lipstick was some way or another despite everything matte! Like enchantment! Yet, that is not the situation with the Huda Beauty Diamond Hydrating Lip Balm. Actually, this lip analgesic is a complete sparkle bomb! It’s extremely difficult to find in the photographs, however you can see the sparkle in the pattern. You’re essentially simply swiping sparkle all the rage.

Huda Beauty Diamond Balm Review

Generally I would think about a lip analgesic as to a greater degree a “no cosmetics” cosmetics fundamental. Nonetheless, this Diamond Lip Balm is so glittery I think you’d look sort of odd wearing it with no other cosmetics. Indeed, I think this salve is ideal for the young lady that needs to say something however abhors lip sparkle. It gives you an overly shimmering “wow factor” sort of look you’d anticipate from the Pat McGrath Labs Lust Gloss (you can peruse that full audit here.) Like I referenced, I think this medicine is ideal for the low upkeep lady that needs an excessively glittery (however simple!) search for a night out. This isn’t your consistently lip ointment. You’ll without a doubt get sparkle all over the place.

Huda Beauty Diamond Balm Review

Generally speaking Ranking (out of 5)

Huda Beauty Diamond Hydrating Lip Balm – 3 – I’m somewhat confounded by it. It’s excessively lovely. Be that as it may, it’s a greater amount of only a saturating sparkle clincher than a consistently medicine. In any case, there’s not exactly enough shading/color to make it an incredible independent item. In spite of the fact that the sparkle is entertaining. Furthermore, the bundling is delightful.

What’s your opinion of the new Huda Beauty Diamond Hydrating Lip Balm? Is it on your rundown? Which shade is your top pick? Tell me in the remarks beneath!

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The Best Huda Beauty Lipstick Below 25 dollars!




As a self-claimed lipstick junkie, I’ve for quite some time been an aficionado of matte fluid recipes. All things considered, I’m the first to concede that not all recipes are made similarly. Some are so inconceivably drying that you have an inclination that your mope was assaulted with a sandblaster. Others stay ultra rich for quite a long time after application, so they wear off your mouth and into your supper. I had surrender to all these (honestly unwanted) symptoms for the sake of a sensational pucker until I tried out Huda Kattan’s new Liquid Matte lipstick ($20).

Huda herself is without a doubt a marvel virtuoso. Beside being a vlogger, cosmetics craftsman, and one of the top influencers on Instagram, she has a stalwart cosmetics line. As of recently, it’s comprised of fluttery bogus lash strips and Lip Contour pencils. Taking into account that her velvety, sturdy lip liners immediately became fundamentals in my excellence pack, I had elevated expectations for the Liquid Mattes, and I was not frustrated.

Her recipe is shockingly wet and runnier than others you may have played with, however this is really a gift. Since the recipe takes more time to dry, you have more opportunity to work with the shading and shape your lips. After around 60 seconds, the fluid sets yet is marginally shabby to the touch. This is likewise a reward. Your pucker will never feel got dried out or dried up (yuck), and you can layer on coat after coat without the color demonstrating any stout development. I explored different avenues regarding slicking on a couple of shades — no sweat! — to make a more dimensional, ombré lip look.

The longwear nature of the recipe is additionally noteworthy — I ate, drank, and even rested in these lipsticks effectively with no chipping or disintegration. Nonetheless, in the territories where the shading blurred, it did so equally, not in enormous patches. I additionally cherished the fragrance! It was fragrant of genuine vanilla concentrate in the cylinder, rather than the more plastic-like smells found in other cosmetics items. On the lips, it dried down to a more inconspicuous cake hitter aroma.

In any case, by a long shot, the best some portion of the Liquid Matte dispatch is the shading choices. The choice inclines intensely towards ’90s pinks, earthy colors, and vampy tones, except for a couple of dynamic reds and pinks. While Huda records the smooth chocolate conceal “Tease” and cool red “Heartbreaker” as her top picks, I am living for “Venus,” a warm, light mauve. I apply it well external my common lip line to get that pined for Kylie-esque grit pucker.

You can shop each of the 16 shades when they dispatch on July 29, which happens to be National Lipstick Day — an occasion that the Huda Beauty brand possesses the rights to. Meanwhile, perused on to investigate which hues you need in your assortment, see patterns on various skin tones, and even observer how they hold up to running water (spoiler: they don’t move).

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