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2020 Hairstyles to Watch Out For As Seen in Female Celebrities




They say your hair is your crowning glory. Quite frankly, we could not agree more. While 2020 may have started out with a series of pretty crazy events, it could also be the year you reinvent yourself given that almost everyone has found themselves with more time than ever. 

Changing the way your hair looks is one of the best ways to go about it. It is notably the easiest, too. In case you are looking for celebrity hair inspiration, here are some ideas as seen on female celebrity hair trends 2020

Lily James 


British actress Lily James tops our list of favourite celebrity hair changes. From long blonde tresses, she has now chopped all of it off, making her look extra cool and cozy. As seen on her recently posted Instagram photos, Lily seems to be feeling herself with her new ‘do. 

Bella Hadid 

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As a mainstay in the runway, walking for some of the world’s favourite designers, Bella Hadid had to keep her way a certain way to make it easier to style during all her shoots and fashion shows. Seems like the 23-year-old model opted to give her hair a break and went for a slightly-longer-than-bob-cut. 

Zoe Kravitz 

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Here’s a celebrity hair change all of us did not see coming : Zoe Kravitz played full out and kept it really, really short. Zoe has made headlines several times in the past with her unpredictable hair choices. At one point, she even attended the Yves Saint Laurent with long partially braided hair. 

Emma Roberts 

Emma Roberts is one of those female celebrities in Hollywood who can give us a whole different vibe with just a simple hair change. Previously, the 29-year-old actress was sporting a red-to-brunette hairstyle. Recently, she has opted for a shade much closer to her real hair color : dirty blonde. 

Miley Cyrus

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@wsjmag link in bio! Bean is queen! 💚

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Not sure about you, but part of us still has Miley Cyrus pictures as Hannah Montana in our heads. Through the years, Miley has reinvented herself into different braver and edgier versions. While we are here for it, we also could not help but miss the OG Hannah Montana. Lucky for us, this year, she went for a hairstyle closer to the latter. 

Gemma Chan 

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It has been a real minute since we last saw Gemma Chan on the big screen and nearly over two years since her iconic portrayal of Astrid in Crazy Rich Asians. Since then, she has become a beauty and style icon in her own right. We are loving this subtle beach wave look on medium length hair, Gemma! 

Selena Gomez

By the looks of it, bouncy curly hair and full bangs to match with is one of the most common celebrity hairstyles for females. We absolutely dig this hairdo on Selena Gomez – with the right outfit, accessories and make up, you can go from sweet and subtle to sultry and sexy! 

Chrissy Teigen 

Changing your hair does not necessarily mean you have to go wild and crazy. Take cues from the iconic Chrissy Teigen : Long healthy locks with subtle hi and low-lites. The good part? It is the kind of hairstyle that is as versatile as it gets, too. 

Billie Eilish 

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Aside her from one-of-a-kind vocals, Billie Eilish has made a name for herself through her iconic electric-colored hair. This year, she’s switching it up a bit – more layers, softer texture but still keeping the signature bold colors. This is a nice celebrity hair inspiration for the brave and courageous!

Bonus : Kylie Jenner & Kim Kardashian 

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What is a trending list without a Kardashian or two on the list, right? Both Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are icons whose style and beauty choices set the pace and influence millions all over the world. 

Kyle Jenner has been one to play around with her hair fearlessly. While we absolutely enjoyed all the hair trends she catalyzed in the past, we are living for her extra long ombre balayage look. 

As for Kim, the long black natural hair is timeless as much as it is a statement on its own. 

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Which celebrity hair inspiration did you love best? Let us know in the comments!

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Heidi Klum Hair and Makeup Tips




As a longtime model and television personality, Heidi Klum knows a thing or two about putting her best face forward. And Heidi, recently shared with us some beauty tips and tricks she’s garnered over the years. Let’s see her favorite products, her go-to look, and a what fashion accessory she counts as a beauty must have once you keep reading.

What have you learned about hair care from working with Clear?

Heidi Klum: “What I thought was amazing is that no one has thought of nourishing the scalp before. Once the hair is already split, it’s split. You have to cut it. But because I have colored hair, I think it’s especially important to nourish hair from the scalp. Even if you don’t color your hair, it’s good to do that, because your hair gets stronger and shinier. You’re basically feeding your scalp and therefore your hair.”

Do you like playing with your hairstyles?

HK: “I always like to play with my hair, with my styles, and haircut — I go from bangs to growing it out again. I usually cut it and then I want to grow it out immediately! I think hair is our accessory. It’s like a great pair of shoes, like a great purse, or a bracelet. So I think you should take care of your hair and play with it and not always have it the same. You don’t always want to wear the same shoes or the same handbag either, so I think it’s fun to change it up.”

What’s your go-to look when you’re not working?

HK: “When I go on the red carpet or if I go to dinner, I dress up. I always try to do something special with my hair. When I’m just running around during the daytime, not so much. I’m usually wash-and-wear; I put it in a bun or ponytail.”

Any makeup tips for the real woman?

HK: “What I think is most hard for women is to find the right foundation. I think the BB creams really help because they’re much lighter with SPF, and they have coverage. My favorite is from a European company called Astor. It enhances your beauty, but it’s not necessarily completely covering you up. You don’t have to go crazy and wear too much makeup. Just pick a brown or shimmery eye shadow, always a little bit of mascara, and I think an eyelash curler is key. Have a nice glossy lip, and maybe a little rosy cheek. If you have a special date night or event, then try a little bit more with a cat eye or something, but not too much.”

What’s your favorite skin care product?

HK: “I do like Mario Badescu Buttermilk Moisturizer ($18) because I don’t like a lot of perfume on the skin. It’s not very complicated and fake and heavy.”

Is there a beauty product you always have in your handbag?

HK: “Not really so much but I have a lipstick that I like, just to have a bit of sheen on the lips so they don’t look too dry. I’m low maintenance. One of my biggest beauty products are my sunglasses.”

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Kendall Jenner Hair care Tips




Kendall Jenner may be one of the world’s highest-paid models [earning a cool $10 million this year alone) – and taking over every major catwalk show this season – but when it comes to her beauty buys she prefers to keep things very low-key.

So, how does she get her million-dollar locks to look so good? “I wash my hair every day and for some reason it works for me. I’ve been doing it since I was a baby,” Jenner shares, recognizing that her hair care secret isn’t all that groundbreaking, but one that she swears by.

Another reason? She loves her bedhead. Because Jenner was born with such straight strands, her other hair trick is sleeping with her hair wet. “I already was doing it all the time, but this hair stylist on set [reaffirmed that] if you just go to bed with your hair wet, you wake up in the morning and have texture. I have an issue with volume, so it always falls really flat. When I go to bed [with wet hair], I get little bumps and I love that,” she explains.

Additionally, ‘Kim [Kardashian West] likes Finesse shampoo, and now so do I,’ Kendall revealed. ‘I’ve tried all the expensive things, too. It just works for my hair and makes it so silky.’ Finesse shampoo contains active silk and soy protein, promising to ‘penetrate deep into the hair shaft to help restore and strengthen hair that’s damaged, dry or just straight up stubborn.’

Adding: ‘My hair has held up so much that every hairstylist has been like, ‘Why is your hair still so amazing?’ And I’m like, ‘I literally don’t do anything. I just use Finesse.’ And everyone’s like, ‘What?’”

Jenner has always looked to Kim and her other sisters for guidance, ever since she was little including skin cares and hair tips. But although she looked different than they did, in no way did they make her feel like an outsider, contrary to what was concluded in a recent interview she had with The Telegraph.

“I never said that in a way of like, trying to pull a pity party. I just meant we had different body types. I had to figure out what suited mine and what made sense for me,” Jenner explains of her interview. “My sisters were obviously, [and] still are, the people that I looked up to and when I was younger. I was much more impressionable, so I was trying to dress like them and then I’d [be like], ‘Why isn’t anything fitting me like it fits them?” she tells me.

And Kendall’s not the only A-lister who prefers to keep her beauty cupboard basic. Blake Lively admits to using mayonnaise in her hair to strengthen her bleached ends. And Miranda Kerr gives herself a weekly tea-steam facial to tighten her pores.

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Best Hair Masks in California for Less Than 10 Dollars




Dry, brittle strands may well be an indication your hair needs some TLC, and weather during the colder months can be making it worse. Enter hair masks. Although all hair types can enjoy an honest mask, these deep-conditioning, nutrient-rich formulas are especially great for dry hair, which may more easily split or break at the follicle.

Like face masks, hair masks aren’t necessarily for everyday use but as another step once you notice your hair could use a lift. Start by masking once per week, and adjust frequency looking on what your hair needs.

These 6 masks deeply condition even the foremost parched strands so hair looks and feels softer, shinier, and hair-commercial healthy. And these are also available around California!

Miracle Deep Conditioner Plus Keratin by It’s a 10

The nourishing it is a 10 formula lived up to its name when it earned an ideal score for its ability to condition hair and forestall damage within the Lab’s wet-combing test on hair samples.

It also rated highly for creating hair look smoother without leaving it greasy after application. “This mask definitely made my color-treated and damaged blonde hair softer and more manageable,” a tester said.

Intense Rescue Shots by Pantene Pro-V

Pantene’s innovative mask in ampoule form contains concentrated lipids to repair hair for barely more than a dollar a pop. “My dye- and hot tool–damaged hair felt stronger and even looked healthier once dry,” an expert tester said. Bonus: The small, single-use mask tubes are travel-friendly, too.

3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner by Pantene

Deep conditioners and masks are famous for his or her hydrating, repairing superpowers — but also for his or her heavy, volume-deflating weight. This is a breakthrough formula effective, yet light enough to nourish even the best strands.

Your hair will be softer than with any conditioner you have used before. The mask made hair noticeably silky, smooth and sleek without weighing it down, Lab evaluations found.

Royal Oils Deep Moisture Masque by Head & Shoulders

This next-level Head & Shoulders mask treats hair and scalp at the same time, softening strands with coconut oil and fighting flakes with active pyrithione zinc. Many Beauty Lab testers praised its scalp-itch relief. “Flakes disappeared” and “hair was softer than it’s ever been,” two said.  When we Lab tested on women with textured strands, this hydrating mask scored high for reducing scalp and hair dryness.

Keraphix Gel Treatment

Get a salon-style deep conditioning treatment at home with Nexxus’s keratin protein formula, which fortifies damaged, split, and breakage-prone hair.

Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask by Briogeo

This nutrient-rich formula is safe for all dry hair types including chemically treated, relaxed, and keratin-treated.

All Soft Mega Mega Mask by Redken

This unique deep treatment is among her all-time favorites, for its ability to deliver immediately noticeable results. 

It contains dual chambers that dispense hair-softening ingredients like soy and vegetable proteins and botanical extracts simultaneously.

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